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退休計劃 (待定)

Retirement Planning (To be confirmed) 

香港年金公司執行董事兼總裁   容渭燊
Sunny Yung, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, HKMC Annuity

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交流時間 Networking Break
茶點由 香港年金公司 贊助 Refreshment sponsored by HKMC Annuity

Opening Speech 

Opening Keynote - Global and HK Economic Outlook – is the worst of inflation behind us?

​主題演講 - 環球及香港經濟展望:通脹高峰已過?

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Highlights of 2022 Pay Trend Survey Results


How to redefine the employee benefits strategies under the Great Resignation


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2022 Topical Study - The Great Resignation: the Contrasting Perspectives of Employers and Employees

2022年專題研究 - 大離職潮 : 僱主僱員兩面睇

專題研討會 Panel Discussion


香港人力資源管理學會副會長 陸國坤
Andy Luk, Vice President, HKIHRM


  • JobsDB 香港區銷售總監 劉振宇 

      Daryl Lau, Sales Director, JobsDB Hong Kong

  • 香港退休計劃協會行政委員會成員暨會員交流小組委員會主席 梁小玲

      Hayly Leung, Executive Committee Member & Chairman of Member Communication                    Subcommittee of The Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association

  • 匯立金控集團人力資源部薪酬福利及營運主管 施標龍 

      Brian Sy, Group Head of Reward & Operations, People & Culture, WeLab

Rethinking Talent Retention Strategies Amid the Great Resignation


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APAC Wellbeing Strategy Supporting the Power of One Team Campaign

(in English)

APAC Rewards Trends & Insight – Shaping Rewards and be Ready for 2023

重塑薪酬  向2023邁進​

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*The HKIHRM reserves the right to make alterations to the programme subject to speakers' availability.

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